Photographer Submissions is constantly seeking new photographs to present for sale to its list of collectors. Anyone can submit.

I am a photographer, please explain how I can sell my work on your service.

To submit to the, create an artist account (at and then submit your works. It's not difficult and the system will tell you what you need to send us.

How does this work?

Subscribe to our collector list ( to get a feel of pricing and materials we present. This email is sent every day to our collectors, and relies on good material from emerging artist/photographers.

What does this cost me?

There are no fees or charges to submit.

How do I get notified of contests and submission calls?

Once you have created an artist account, you will be subscribed to our artist list that will send notifications of these opportunities. Again, there are no fees or charges to submit.

Where are all of the terms and conditions (the fine print)?

Our program is pretty straightforward, please see our Terms and Conditions.


Common Photography Submission Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Having any random character in an image file name you want to upload (%#*&, etc)
  • Forgetting to enter a code if you are submitting for a certain project
  • Shipping photographs without properly packaging and protecting them