For Collectors of Photographs
(and those who would like to start)

What makes this service valuable for collectors?

Unlike hundreds of places to buy art online, specializes in photographs of value and relies on a hybrid of direct personal service, established physical gallery backing, photographic expertise and Internet technology.

How do I see photographs on

The "Daily" is an email message delivered every day at 9:00 am PST. Each email lists a few photographs available to buy. Simply subscribe -, it’s free. If you don't like it, simply unsubscribe.

Who is

This service of photography experts is led by Daniel Miller, owner of Duncan Miller Gallery. He is the only photography dealer recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine for his contributions to photography. See the article here. This gallery owns the largest collection of vintage photographs on the West Coast of America.

Where do you get your photographs?

In 2017, we bought photographs in 14 countries to present to our subscribers, including one archive of 2 million photographs. We buy vintage archives, museum deaccessions, works from private collectors, auctions and other galleries. Also, many of the works presented are from living photographers.

What if I see/like a photograph in your email, but I'm not sure...

Easy, just click "reserve" and ask questions. There are no bad questions and we want you to be happy with your purchase.

There was a piece I saw a while ago, and I'd like to buy it now.

Sometimes we have two prints of one vintage work. We can often get additional prints from living photographers. It's best to try to buy in our 24-hour period, but you can always ask about one that "got away".

How do you ship?

We use FedEx for nearly every shipment. We have custom-designed packaging that avoids damage in transit.

Quality & Satisfaction Guaranteed is backed by Duncan Miller Gallery, a prominent photography gallery with two physical locations, in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, CA.

Every photograph presented is physically inspected and approved by the expert team at Duncan Miller Gallery.

Questions, Sales & More Info

If you have questions or want more information on any photograph listed, email or call us directly at 310-838-2440. 

Every photograph comes with a 5-day return policy.
Our success is based on the satisfaction of our Collectors, and satisfaction is guaranteed.